The 4-hour body/The 4-hour body

Hereby it is officially announced:

The man and I also want to be fitter, healthier and more attractive. And with minimal effort.
And so we have adapted our diet since last week to the ideas of Timothy Ferriss (book title see left).

Are we just falling for a big fraud? Will we be frustrated in a few weeks and shaken by the JoJo effect sitting on the couch and devouring simple carbohydrates in harsh amounts?

Clearly, Timothy is quite successful with his guidebooks. At least he's always on top of the Times bestseller list.
And he seems to try it all out on himself as well - the freak, the.
Amazon recently delivered "The 4-hour body" to us House and the man presented me with so tasty American-style passages that we both had to laugh tears. This is really something strong for the European taste. Alone: ​​the content counts.

But what is all the magic about? The 4-hour body delivers u.a. the key to (well, we guess it again) easy and fast weight loss. What do you need to do for that? It dispenses with simple carbohydrates and dairy products.
There are vegetables, salads and legumes as much as the heart desires. And that's it then almost. There are only a few special magic rules, without which the whole thing would be almost too succinct:
At least one hour after getting up at least 30 g of protein to take
Eating four times a day (not too small portions)
Once a week there's a day when you can eat carbohydrates and the usual junk (yes, spaghetti and snickers too!).

Mr Ferriss does not like to cook, so he did not add a list of 'allowed' foods or recipes to his work. He opens like cans and thus puts his dishes together.
That it really scares me, everyone can easily imagine. Therefore, from now on I will develop my own recipes. HOORAY! Finally an occasion to get really creative. Therefore, the molecular gastronomy has to wait a bit for now - I have an assignment: Slow-Carb.

And here comes the summary of the perceived changes after a week without sugar, flour, potatoes, pasta, rice (sigh) , Chocolate, juice, milk, yoghurt, quark, jam, maple syrup, etc.:

- We slept better and I often woke up to the alarm clock.
- We felt more dynamic and vital.
- I had a surprisingly good mood.
- I had no cravings between meals and was full for a long time.
- When the hunger came then, but also had something to eat: belly growl (ie really noticeable hunger ) and craving for food.

All in all, really positive changes. Of course, you first have to get used to doing without the beloved cheese bread in the morning. And the lush foamed milk coffee in the agency I really miss. In the morning there are eggs or a protein shake (which in Mr. Magic way, really really good!) And the coffee is enriched with soy milk.

And with the weight will certainly come (or go ).
I will report.